Andrew Pedersen

“Before I received treatment with Candy Suthterland at the Canterbury Neuromuscular Clinic I had been suffering symptoms from a long-term repetitive strain injury in my shoulders, back and neck. No therapist had been able to make a significant difference in reducing my pain and increasing my range of movement. I had been to Acupuncture, Physical therapy, and had seen Chiropractors and Osteopaths – all to no avail. It became clear within the first session with Candy that I had found someone who could provide real relief, and within a few sessions my pain had decreased considerably!

Candy is professional, respectful and attentive. If only more medical practitioners had her ability to listen. I was impressed with the treatment and service I received at Canterbury Neuromuscular Clinic that I approached her and asked if I could right this testimonial. Unfortunately, as I am currently residing in Japan I can no longer receive her treatments. I have been to shiatsu and seitai therapist here bury they’re not a scratch on Candy.”

Peter Wills

“Although initially sceptical about the benefits/treatments promoted and my perceived connotations with massage parlours, the massage therapy treatment I have received from Anne, initially for stress relief and now latterly for specific and targeted treatment of back/neck pain, has been totally beneficial and effective. My initial concerns were completely unfounded. I have appreciated Anne’s warm and friendly approach during the treatment which has made me feel comfortable and at ease.”

Louise Gibson

“As a result of my work and outdoor activities I have had various injuries and Anne’s healing hands have enabled a speedy recovery and return to normality. She gets right to work on the problem and ensures you feel the benefit by the end of the session. Her friendly, professional manner puts you at ease from the moment you meet her and you can rest assured that your body is in very good hands.”


“I have been a client of Anne’s since the beginning of 2006. I was referred to her by my physiotherapist for massage therapy to help assist in the rehabilitation of a sports injury. I now have regular massage sessions and have noticed huge improvements in my condition. The advice Anne has given has helped greatly and allowed me to continue training and taking part in chosen events. Her knowledge and experience in the sports massage field is an asset to her and the team at Canterbury Neuromuscluar Clinic. Thanks for all your help Anne.”


“Having spent literally hundreds of hours on physiotherapist tables (not to mention in their waiting rooms) over the years for various sport related injuries I wish I had known about massage therapy a long time ago. The benefits in terms of reducing pain and increasing mobility have been immediate and I would recommend a visit to the Canterbury Neuromuscular Clinic without reserve to anyone serious about a quick recovery. Also to those who expect an appointment to start when scheduled.”

Glenn Rewi

“I first started going to see Anne after making a comeback to competitive cycling after 10 years away from competition. I found her ad in the Yellow Pages and thought I’d see if she was any good. I’ve had my fair share of knee pains and niggles over the years of riding and with going to Anne weekly since Dec 05 I have been able to train harder and longer than ever before, this has meant that I have achieved goals and times that I never thought possible. Anne has helped maintain the suppleness in my muscles that helps my joints perform their functions freely and painlessly. Without Anne’s help I have no doubt that I would have been in a lot more discomfort on the bike and more than likely flagged competitive racing again. I would highly recommend Anne to anyone for massage therapy to anyone and everyone! Thanks Anne, keep up the good work!”



“When I first visited Nicolien, I had issues with my skin, my digestive system, weight gain and ovulation problems and as a result had been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). At the age of 33 I had resigned to the fact that I most probably would never conceive naturally. I thought of visiting Nic to see if I could heal myself via her knowledge of healing herbs. After a few weeks of taking herbs prescribed by Nic and slightly changing my diet, my skin was looking great, I felt more energetic and my general well being had improved. Within 8 months I was pregnant and recently gave birth to a very healthy gorgeous baby girl. I am clear that Nicoliens medical herbalist advice balanced out my hormones, lowered my bodies glucose reducing my weight to a healthy level, improved my circulation and digestive system, over all contributing to the possibility of me conceiving and I am enormously greatful. I continue to take the herbs she prescribes and feel fantastic as a result. I would recommend visiting Nicolien to any one diagnosed with PCOS or with any other issues. I am absolutely thrilled to be a mum and loving it thanks to Nic.”